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Obesity and the Two family Income

I recently watched an interview with Michael Pollan, who wrote, In Defense of Food and has recently came out with, Cooked, A Natural History of Transformation.  He said that your safest bet to eating healthy is that you know a human is cooking your food. Basically he was saying to stay away from processed foods.

For many years now I've said that I think one of the reasons for obesity in our country is that we have two income families. Not to say that women should stop working (they shouldn't) but rather to describe the plight of the American family and hopefully help it.  Both parents come home tired and just want to relax.  Who wants to spend their time cooking and cleaning?  Yes you can hire someone but not everyone can do this.  So we turn to fast food - whether it be fast food restaurants or the cans and boxes promising food in 15 minutes.

Some tips for having non-processed foods:
-  Hire a chef, you can now hire a chef who will come into your house for a few hours, make y…

Wordless Wednesday

Bossy or Leading

I thought I'd share a story while observing my daughter over the years.
Years ago, my daughter was on a team that did not have very good direction.  Everyone wanted to be on top.  She is a quiet, yet brilliant kid, who was getting frustrated that they were not accomplishing anything.  I saw what was going on and I told my daughter, "just take charge, tell them what they should do."

She said, "I don't know mom they'll be angry with me."

I said, "just try next time."

Being a good daughter she did and that was their most successful meeting.

Today she says, when she is working on a team she waits till there is little time left, then she starts telling people what to do.  "you do this, you do that and I'll do this" etc.

At the end of the project, when they get everything done, she apologizes to everyone.  When she told me this I didn't feel comfortable with it.  Recently, I read the above quote then I knew she shouldn't b…