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I'm not sure I'm going to survive the summer

My daughter decided she was not going to do anything this summer.  Well there are things she wants to do but has no motivation (or energy she would say) to do it.  I have become a kind of play toy where she says "I'm bored"  I suggest the usual, clean your room or any room, walk the dog, call a friend, find a hobby.  All of them get shot down.

Finally, I convince her to make cookies but she has to do it herself.  No help from me.  It lasted until it was time to roll the dough and then put it in cinnamon and sugar.  I helped.  I go back to my computer.  She puts the cookies in the oven then says, "I'm bored"  SERIOUSLY!  I suggest a video project to submit to the local library video contest.  She's interested then asks if she could show me what she wants to do.  I sigh to myself.  OK, give me 15 minutes.  She walks out and I close the door and lock it.  I relax.  5 minutes later, I hear the oven timer go off.  I think to myself - here we go. 


What to Pack in your Swim Bag

As I swack the mosquito on my ankle while I’m sitting at the pool during my kid’s swim practice, I wonder what the hell to write to interest the rest of the world. Another bug lands on my sunglasses. Damn it, I didn’t put bug spray in our swim bag, yet. Then it came to me - swim bag shopping list. My kids are on a summer swim team and we have learned to be prepared for practice and for meets:

Swim Bag - Race Day contents:
Two towels per swimmer - at swim meets the first one is always soakedBug spray/sunscreen*Goggles - 2 pairs if you can afford them or perhaps a spare strapSwim cap**Dry clothes in a gallon size freezer bag***Book/Magazine/TabletSnacks and Drinks or changeSweatshirt for the cold daysSwim Bag - for leisure:
TowelBug spray/sunscreen*GogglesDry clothes in a gallon size freezer bag***Pool ToysBook/Magazine/TabletSnacks and Drinks or change Cooler - depending on the pool. I may bring a cooler full of tubular ice pops. Lastly, I leave our folding chairs in the car all sum…

Choosing a pet sitter for the first time

We have a beagle mix for almost 10 years. When we go on vacation and cannot bring him we've put him in the kennel. The thought being the kennel is cheaper, there is someone always on staff and there are other dogs so that our dog would not be lonely.

The last couple of times we put our dog in the kennel he came out of it not too happy. He looked tired and worn out. This year we decided on a pet sitter. Luckily, I knew someone who pet sits and I told her I'm nervous and not sure how this will work. She charged $17 for 30-45 minutes of dog time and that many people will set up 3 to 4 visits in a day. That was too much for us but we set it up so that we'd meet once on the first and last days and twice on the days in between. I will include a break down with costs below but

Thoughts on the Kennel:
I have always assumed there was someone on staff at kennel at all times. I have found this is not true in most of the kennels we've been too.
Since dogs are pack an…

A quiet Confidence

When I was young, I liked staying home, reading books, watching T.V., exploring the neighborhood, and creating my own adventures. I have 10 brothers and sisters, most of whom would party, go shopping or just hang out with friends. I can think of three very distinct times in my early life when I was told, I should find some friends. Each time it was painful, probably because each time it came from someone close to me and they were telling me that something wrong with me and that perhaps others saw the same thing. I think this isolated me even more. In truth, I enjoyed being alone. I enjoyed exploring the neighborhood on my bike. I enjoyed getting lost in a book. I practically lived at the library. (Even today when I move to a new place, I first check out the library.) I enjoyed climbing trees, and creating adventures in the woods near the house. As an adult, I see now that I was perfectly fine. I recently watched the TED video - linked below. Some of the things Susan Cain …