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Outsmarting my GPS

Have you ever cursed your GPS for sending you down a route that was clearly not the fastest.
I signed my daughter up for a camp in the next county on a college campus.  I needed to travel through rush hour traffic to get there.   I set my GPS for the fastest time and gave myself an additional half hour to get there.  The drop off instructions was particularly stressful because you had a half hour window to drop them off.  If you did not get them in that window, you had to call the director so they could pick them up.  You could not walk them to the camp.  I planned on being there at the start of the window so really I gave myself an hour to get there.
As I got closer to the campus I hit a lot of stop and go traffic.  Ugh.  I continued to trust my GPS to get me there on time.  On the last quarter mile to the campus I hit a left turn where the cars lined up at the light for a mile back.  It took me 20 minutes just to get through that turn.  I panicked.  It was 8:45 and I had one more turn…