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7 Ways to Distract the Digital Game Obsessed Kid

Yesterday, I heard on NPR about kids obsessed with digital games.  When I heard a mom say that she limited her son's game usage to 30 minutes a day and that she found that her son was obsessing about that 30 minutes all day long.  When he started playing the game, he seemed to relax.  I remember thinking, it sounds like a drug.  I also thought, well my kids would not be allowed on any electronic then, we'd go electronic free.

1. Go camping - we usually camp in areas that don't have phone service
2. Have them earn their computer time
3. Talk to them regularly about addiction to digital games and how the industry is set up.

Make a small pillow box - with template

I'm doing last minute work on our Halloween Haunted house.  I decided I needed a pillow box but alas could not find any in the local stores so I decided to make my own.  It's kind of primitive but I hope self explanatory.  Click here for a free pdf file template of the pillow box and follow along:

Best used with card stock.

1.  Print the template

2.  Cut the outer lines.  Be sure to get between the ovals

A Simple Halloween Invitation How-to

Each year we throw a Halloween Party for our kids friends.  We have two big strains, new ideas to spook people in our basement haunted house and .... the invitations. My kids insist on making them and frankly the cost for invitations can be pricey when you are inviting more than the 8 pack.  To get our invitations done in quickly but with some flair I used some scrapbooking tools.

Halloween Paper Punch Edging
2 sided Halloween Scrapbooking paper
Halloween fonts - do an online search
Computer paper
Edging Scissors

If you're a scrap booker, you probably have all these already.  If not, you can find them in any craft store.  The most expensive is the paper punch.  If it's beyond your budget, use the edging scissors which you can pick up fairly reasonably.  Then after the holiday, look for it on clearance :)

Cut scrapbook paper to the size you want.  You can go for 5" x 7" to fit into an envelop but these invites could be handed out on their own.


Fruit fly, don't bother me: Get rid of fruit flies naturally (no chemicals)

Smack, "That's the third fruit fly I killed today." DH said

 "Uh, oh, did we leave any fruit out or a peel of some kind?"

 He looked in the office trash can and pulled out a banana peel, "Yup. Just for the record, it wasn't me."

 Anyone who has had fruit flies in the house, knows they are a nuisance and that they multiply very quickly.  Last time my husband's answer was to spray the place but I hate chemicals in the house. I asked him to give me a week before he tried that. I proceeded to plugged up all the sinks 'cause that's where they live when they can't find fruit then I start some research. My first trap was a bowl with apple cider vinegar with plastic wrap on top and holes poked in. By the evening, it caught 4 flies and 3 or 4 were hovering above it.

My husband was impressed. I told him I think a soda bottle will work better. He found one, took off the cap, cut off the top, inverted the top half and put it on the bot…

Halloween Showdown

So my family loves Halloween, and if you don't know, I started as a vlogger.  I thought I'd share with you the videos I have for Halloween. 

Haunted House:
Every year we do a haunted house, unfortunately I don't get these videos up until after Halloween but here are a couple we've done.

How-to Make a Halloween Haunted House pop-up

Halloween Doorway Swing Out

And then I love Origami so this year I added lots of Halloween Origami How to:

Black Cat
Making Origami Claws
Witch's hat

And then lastly, my daughter shows you how to make these cute mummy cupcakes:

Mummy cupcakes


Higher Income equals Higher S.A.T. scores

"The questions that are on the S.A.T. are not the same as the questions they ask in High School.  We'll show you how to decipher these questions."

I listened to the SAT. tutors lecture on how best to take the college entrance exam and how they can help.  A book costs, $20-$50, online classes $200, group tutoring $1000, or private tutoring $2000-$2500.  And the tutors suggest taking the $50 test twice.  Ouch, that's a lot, but is it worth it, if she has a chance at a scholarship that is ten times more. 

My daughter took a sample test of the S.A.T. and A.C.T. recently.  She did excellent on the ACT and average on the SAT.  My daughter is well read (including the classics) and is in line to get an advanced honors diploma in her award winning High School, so I thought the SAT should not be a problem.  I have no doubt that she will succeed in college.  She is smarter than I was at her age and I managed to complete college.  So why such a low SAT score?

"Hey did you …