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Road Trip! What do you do to entertain your kids in the car?

Again, I'm working to consolidate my blogs: this one comes from the summer but thought it would be appropriate during the holiday season where car travel is prevalent.

This summer we have taken a few long road trips and we have a couple of more coming up.  Keeping the kids at peace in the car is a primary goal.  They're older now, it should be easier you say - not quite - they tend to be fidgety, fight with siblings more, sleep less and not amused when you sing to them.  I'm passing on to you some words of wisdom and a couple of games, I hope will help you on your trip. 
ROAD TRIP - who's ready?
Games, yes they are primarily word games.  I do not like games where there are pieces, with one exception, that can get lost in the car:

Storytellers  Someone says a sentence, "Once upon a time there was a boy with green hair."  and then another person in the car adds a sentence, "He had a pink Turtle named George."  Continue this way and you may get some inter…

Telling a story through product presentation

"The Walking Heat Pack?" my daughter gave me a funny look, "That sounds like The Walking Dead.  Are you trying to sell it to zombies?"

"No, I was thinking it explains the heat pack better," I said, "but now that you mention it, that's a great idea!"

My daughter shook her head and went back to her homework.  I've been showing my newly opened Etsy shop to friends and family before I start to aggressively advertise.  Repeatedly, I was told I need better pictures for my heat packs.  They said when I explained it to them, they understood and thought it was cool but the pictures were not showing what I was saying.  So, I changed the pictures. 

My next hurtle was displaying the heat packs in the store.  How do I explain why these heat packs are different than the ones you typically see, hence the name The Walking Heat Pack.  Although it still does not fully explain the heat pack, I went with my daughter's connection with The Walking Dead a…

Volunteering and Connecting to the Community

“OK, ladies, we need to pick a volunteer program for the year,” I said to the Girl Scout troop.  I heard a sigh.  “What?” I asked, “Is there a problem?  Not only is this a good thing to do, it looks good on your college application.”
“Yeah, we know,” one girl spoke up, “but, I don’t really like volunteering.  We do a lot of work and we don’t see how it’s helping anyone.”
I looked around the room and saw the girls nodding.  Most of our volunteering had to do with helping those who were anonymous.  We collected food for the food bank, clothes for the needy, pet food and toys for the needy at Christmas.  They did the work but did not see the result for the protection of the family in need, so we don’t get to see the result of her hard work.  They was not getting the satisfaction of a job well done.  How could I argue with that? This year we tried things differently.  

Weekend Raking

I've decided to consolidate my blogs and bring my old blogs to this one.  So Thurs/Fri blogs will be my oldies but still relevant blogs.  This article I wrote an year ago and it fits in with my 7 ways to Distract a Digital game obsessed kid that I wrote earlier this week.

 Saturday was spent gaming.  Not me, my kids.  Drove me nuts.  Such a beautiful day and they stayed indoors.  Even when I told them they had to get off electronics for a couple of hours they spent those hours indoors.  So Sunday morning, they raked.  I know it seems like punishment but really it's a family event.  DH cut up the branches left behind from Hurricane Sandy.  My girls raked and I filled the bags.