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A Procrastination Coach? - maybe later

Nearing the end of the holiday season usually means last minute shopping, baking, and celebrating.  Then, around the corner, is the New Year.  In the back of my mind, my new year's resolutions are forming, like a de-cluttered house, a larger inventory and my very own website.

However, the end of the year should be about reflection as well and what we've accomplished.  I started a regular blog, became a youtube partner as well as being invited to a couple of youtube conglomerates, and in this last month, I opened my etsy shop.  All this from my home office with distractions like the laundry and dishes begging to be cleaned, a dog that barks when I'm on the phone and kids who think I am there to wait on them hand and foot.(And yet, they are always surprised when I don't <shaking head>)

Along my 2013 journey, I virtually met the procrastination coach.  Her blogs were insightful and useful.  I learned about why we procrastinate, how to recognize it and how it can be …

How to survive a snow day when you are a work at home parent

This is my kids second snow day in a row.  I don't know if it is the snow and my animal instinct to wait out the storm or the kids yelling and interrupting but all I want to do is curl up in something warm (like my bed).  Alas, when you work from home it makes it that much easier to do so.  I set up a few rules to get me through the day.

Don't expect to get a full day's work done:  As much as you may be able to keep the kids busy, they will interrupt.   The more you accept this, the less yelling in the house :)  If you end up getting a full day's work in - BONUS! Woot Woot!

7 Tips for the Christmas Cookie Exchange

This is another post from a blog I'm consolidating to one blog stream.....

Our house has been doing a cookie exchange long before it was popular.  We've done it in huge groups of nearly a hundred and small groups of under 10.  I thought I'd share some tips.
Check to see if anyone has allergies and how best to notify them not to eat a certain cookie.  For instance, it they can't have nuts, tell exchangers to either avoid making cookies with nuts or indicate whether there are nuts in their cookie.Ask your exchangers to try making homemade cookies.  It makes the exchange more interesting and unique.If some exchangers can't make homemade - don't sweat it, no reason to get upset.  It'll spoil the fun.Layout cookies on a long table.  The spread looks impressive.  We had an exchange at a school once and laid out the cookies down the hallway. In small groups, have everyone one at least one cookie for each member exchanging.  When you have under 10 people.  My minimu…

10 cleaning tips

I've had cleaning on my mind.  I hate it.

Cleaning seems simple: put away your stuff and wipe down everything, yet I find my house still fills with clutter and dog hair.  I clean it up then start all over again. I'm tired of cleaning and have been spending the last couple of months decluttering, so I can have less to clean and yet it does not seem to be working.

Recently, I picked up a book Living with Less, How to downsized to 100 personal possessions  by Mary Lambert.  The idea to live with 100 personal possessions seems like an incredible idea.  One half of my brain argues, "It's impossible, there is no way," but then another half says, "Wow, wouldn't it be wonderful.  I bet the cleaning of the house of just 100 possessions would be a dream."

My husband snaps me out of it when he says it's time for the weekly family cleaning hour.  So, I put "stuff" away, scrub floors and walls and think, maybe I'll try it.  I'll try to whi…