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The One Percenters of Education

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile, every time I pay for another test or some "supplies" the kids need that the school expects the families to pay.  What if I couldn't pay?

In last night speech, Obama recommitted to education in this country. He believes all Americans should have access to college. It's a great sentiment however, there is another challenge to this problem than just education. As a parent of a High Schooler, there are so many out of pocket expenses just to get your child to the college door.

The tuition for college is only one hurtle. There were many more to get through before reaching this one.  There is the cost for the SAT and ACT tests and the calculators to go with the test. Most experts suggest that students take the test at least twice but the average is three times. Many parents spend thousands of dollars on tutoring for the entrance exams. And then there are the parents who hire college coaches to help with the applicat…

10 ideas for shaking bad JuJu

This week, I met someone who lectured me for a half hour.  The topic had nothing to do with me, rather her fears and that I should be fearful too.  I don't want to go into details but it left me with a depressed feeling that typically sticks with me for a few days, sometime weeks.  As some of you know, I was participating in the free e-course given by procrastination coach.  There was great energy in that group so I brought my issue to them and asked for advice on how to shake this bad juju.  I was amazed by the great advice and by the end of the day I was in good spirits again.  I thought I'd share the advice here.  Disclaimer: Keep in mind, this is just advice from your average joe schmo, I'm not a professional.  I'm just passing on what has worked for me and others.
Run - It was the first advice given to me and that's exactly what I did.  It was a sunny day too which I think helps the mood.When you are in work, find a private place to meditate a bit then go to t…

Review: Do it Tomorrow App

So I've been using this Do It Tomorrow app on and off for about a year.  What it comes down to is a basic to-do list. It's not my daily to-do list, that's handwritten however I use it as a list of things I would like to get accomplished at some point.  I use it as a reminder.  It is my master list of tasks.

6 steps to keeping your new year's resolution

This is the first year I developed a complicated New Year's Resolution. I plan to finish my book and start another, to create a website, have a regular etsy product line and declutter, organize and streamline my home. It's a lot. Typically my NYR consists of "run a half marathon" or "take trip to wherever", something simplistic, something I always wanted to do and something I can easily remember. I've had good luck with it and probably achieved 95% of my resolutions but this year is a complicated and long list (that are connected but still long). So how am I going to stick to these resolutions? Well, I have learned a few things from my simple ones and read much on perseverance that I thought I'd share with you:

Step 1:  Make time - if you are serious, you will TELL yourself, "I will make time for this"  Any real goal you want, you need to admit to yourself, you need to make time for it.