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Zero to Video Hero Challenge Review

I've been on youtube for a few years, but I rarely put my face in front of the camera.  Over time, technology, my equipment, and my skills improved.  When I heard about the zero to video hero challenge I thought, perhaps I am beyond it but it was a free course so what the hell.  Since I am not a traditionally trained professional I thought any tidbit is a good tidbit.  What I didn't realize that it was not a course - at least not a traditional one.

Each day for 15 days, Holly Sugrue asks a question - like give a book recommendation, or tell us about yourself.  The only rule is to keep it under 3 minutes.  Then you post your video in a closed group on facebook, where you can look and respond to other videos.  That was it.  Halfway through, I thought why am I doing this?  Is it worth it?

Before giving up, I looked at my videos and thought - OK, did I learn anything?  To my surprise I did.  Funny enough, the following day's challenge was a check in challenge. Although most participants were happy that they were feeling confident in front of the camera, my response was more technical.  The clothes I wore, the make up, the lighting, the setting, and the different equipment.  I did feel more confident but I knew I could gain that with practice.

The second half, I learned about Animoto and how it can be useful with my blog (click here to see blog posting).  I used my old lightweight camera and found that it took decent video, that I could take it on my backpacking trips.  I was learning.

You may think you can do the challenge on your own and you can, however taking it with a group and seeing what others are doing with their videos improves your learning.  You see your "classmates" transform and realize you are in a different place as well.  Plus, Holly gave a few tips and tricks along the way (the make up video was interesting).  Plus there is accountability that is difficult to replicate when you are trying to learn something on your own.

The last video was a dance video - which I gotta say I feel I had a final exam.  My sister was happy to share the video with the rest of the world.

In the end, those simple daily challenges each week, gave me a new perspective for my youtube channel.  I'm hoping to add more to it.  I would recommend it.

To see my entire video challenges, click here.


  1. Joanne, these are great! I especially like your dancing video, it shows you so carefree, fun, and relatable. Have you considered putting together an "Idiots Guide to Video" or something to that affect? I personally would love to get an overview of the subject without committing to a course. Just a thought. Seems like you would have more than enough experience to put something like that together.

    1. That's what I really liked about these videos - it really gives a sense of "about me" then some text would give. I think I'm going to change my playlist to About Me even. One of the things I learned when doing to challenge was that it took me maybe a half hour to put it together. It's easier than you may thing.

    2. HI Lauren, if you are looking for some DIY Video help, I have tons of free resources over on my site.

  2. I didn't watch every video in your series, but I did notice a difference in how comfortable you appeared before the camera when comparing some of the earlier videos to later ones. Sure looked to me like you learned a lot!

    1. LOL - I was just thinking about one of the first videos (a couple of years ago) when I was in front of the camera - it was awful. I had one bad day when I did these challenges (Day 6, I think) and you can totally see it in my face, in my body language and in my demeanor. It was a sad video, luckily it was just the one.

  3. What a great idea to get more comfortable in front of the camera! I know how powerful video can be for a business so my biz partner and I are trying to do more video. So hard to get over the self-consciousness.

    Love the end where you say you hope the neighbors aren't watching :)

    1. Hee, hee, yeah on a few of the videos I liked putting a blooper reel :)

  4. I thought the coloring in that video was really good. I liked the blue behind you with the red sweater. :)

    1. Thanks Becky - I did try a white background at one point and I looked washed out. I did do a black background and I liked it but it's in my basement and the lighting is not the greatest.

  5. This seems like a great adventure. I often needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone. good for you! I'm inspired to try new things and maybe not do them well but learn from them. I love that you were comfortable enough in the end to dance even!

    1. I tell ya what Dena - I have seen your photographs improve greatly over the past couple of months. I think you are ready to move on to the video scene :)


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