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Do It Tomorrow App Review

A review of the the Do it Tomorrow app.  Overall, I like it.  I've used it for years and will continue to use it.  Great little to-do list app.

Online Calendar - free printing by Google

Print a calendar using the More button on the upper right hand side:

I needed a calendar as hardcopy - Google calendar is a great way to print a calendar.

Outdoor Garden Planter made out of newspaper

It is not to late to plant.  I have a little more space in my square foot garden, that I decided to grow some pickle cucumbers.  My husband had great success last year.  He just wasn't up for gardening this year so I thought I'd take over.  The beans, garlic, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers are growing strong.  I'm adding pickles now. 
I love these newspaper pots.  I, not only don't need to go out and buy pots, but it's biodegradable ... not to mention, I'm recycling.  Keep in mind, Cornell University does not recommend using magazines because the ink they use has high toxic content.

Walnut Canyon AZ

One of our favorite stops in Arizona was an unexpected stop - Walnut Canyon - a hidden gem.  I used to have more than one blog, I'm not consolidating, so this is a repost.

My whole family will agree that our favorite stop in Northern Arizona was Walnut Canyon.  Keep in mind, we went in August during monsoon season.  The girls grabbed their junior ranger books at the visitor center then we walk to the back where a big glass wall allows you to look out at the canyon.  The canyon is much smaller then the Grand Canyon, no red rocks and lots of trees.  Of course we wanted to go into it. :)

It's 185 feet down (and up) to the canyon where the Sinagua lived.  They were the ancient tribe of Indians named by modern people, since no one knows their real name, that lived in the canyon.  The section that visitors could visit was on what was called an island in the middle of the canyon.  We made the climb down.  At the bottom step, we could hear the wind whipping and whistling through the c…

Fun Weekend Read

Need a fun read this Memorial Day weekend ...

Find:  Amazon, Nook, KoboSynopsis: 

At the dawn of colonizing planets, humanity supports a bold new experiment on Earth to create three self-sustaining habitats, one underground, one above, and one under the sea. With dreams of colonization, they test human capacity by isolating the inhabitants from the outside world for a year.

Telsa and Simon join the first inhabitants on Oceanus, the undersea habitat. Simon leaves his youngest, Rosie, with her grandmother. It would only be a year, what could go wrong?

Everything runs smoothly until Simon discovers a network of surveillance throughout Oceanus, then Telsa uncovers a rumor of a devastating virus on the Earth's surface. Central Command insists on their isolation but a new security force infiltrates the habitats under the guise that they are there for everyone's protection.

All the while, unbeknownst to any of them, a religious zealot sees the habitats as his destiny, a place where he a…

Pottery Artist David Norton with WLAST

Meet David Norton, a beautiful artist and craftsman, his work has been exhibited at Smithsonian's Renwick Museum. An international teacher, his home and is in beautiful Loudoun County VA.  I hope you enjoy his art work here.

Part 2 with Watercolor Artist Stephen Loya

This is part of a video series of artists in my area.  Here is part 2 of an interview with watercolorist Stephen Loya, making his strange and wonderful creature.  Learn some of the tips and techniques he uses to create this creature.

You can find Stephen at He will be presenting at the Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour June 20 and 21
Learn more at
To see part 1 of my interview with Stephen, go to Part 1 of the Stephen Loya interview

Watercolor Artist Stephen Loya

I did an interview with Watercolor artist Stephen Loya.  He will be on the Artist Studio Tour, coming up in June.  A weekend of artists - you should come to Loudoun to check it out.  I have more of the interview coming up.  The link does not work at the moment but knock on wood by the end of the week (May 18, 2015 - if I forget to change this date later :) )

WW2 planes fly over DC

WW2 planes flew down the Potomac river and over DC yesterday in celebration of V-E Day (Victory in Europe).  Very cool, captured some of it with my new camera lens, including the B29, which according to my hubby is rare to see in the air.

Dog Origami How to - Cocker Spaniel

I thought this looked like a long eared goat but someone argued it was a cocker spaniel - what do you think?

Baby Fox playing with Mom

I really don't have a lot to say here.  We discovered last weekend we have a wild fox and kits (babies) living under our shed.  I got a telephoto lens out and filmed - thought I'd share.  So cute!  I'm hoping to get more video up next week.