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NYC Subway Protest

I was in NYC recently and at one of the subway station was post-its all over the walls.  I started taking pictures then realized it went on and on so I decided to film the length of it and share.  
If you are wondering where they got the post-its, they were left at the base of the wall.

Productivity Challenge Timer App Review

Everyone knows, especially those who work from home, the importance of staying focused and motivated.  I am always on the look out of something that helps me with these.  Every so often I rummage through the google play library to find an app to keep me focused and motivated.  And I found one!  And I'm sharing the info with you.

Below is my video review.  Feel free to click on the links below to jump to different sections of the video - alas, it will take you to the youtube channel.  Or just watch the embedded video below.
(Btw, just bought the pro version.  I'll use it for a couple of weeks and will let you know how it goes 😊 )

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