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Women's March on Washington DC - This is what Democracy looks like

The rally started at 10 am but the march wasn't until 1 pm so we got up at 8 and were out the door by 8:45 am to reach the metro station because it was recommended to take since they expected many roads closed.
What no one expected was the large number of people wanting to march.  The line at the metro station went out and around and around.  I said to my husband by the time we get there, it will be over.  We find a back way into DC from Virginia.
We got into DC with little trouble but found that most of the parking garages were closed.  This surprised me because although I didn't expect as many that did come, I expected a couple of hundred thousand.  With a little luck we found one about 2 miles to the rally point.  A bit of a walk but worth it.
We soon found that there were far more then the 200k we were expecting.  There were seas of pink hats everywhere.  We could here the roar of the crowd from a mile away.  I teared up.  (When we marched I cried.  I finally felt I was not a…

How to make a Pyramid Shaped Origami Box (or dinosaur when opened)

I love making boxes.  It always astonishes me at how expensive boxes can be.  That's actually what got me into origami.  I needed a simple box and not willing to pay $10 for it.

    In the past I've made a pencil box, I still have today and a small gift box - I even made one box was sectioned off inside.  This pyramid box is just a fun box, great to make a unique presentation.  It looks a little like a dinosaur when you open it up.  Great for an dinosaur party with treats in them.