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Zentangle braid - Create your own Adult Coloring

I know I don't write much in these blog postings.  I will say, I've been thinking of doing a bigger project in zentangle - which morphed into adult coloring.  Anyway, I'm thinking a need a braid.  When I first saw this zentangle I thought it looked like grass tied up in string, like a smudge stick (yes, I've used smudge sticks) but I've since heard people use it for braids and it does have a kind of Pippi LongStockings look.  So here's my zentangle braid - enjoy ....

The making of a Stop Action Video for #funfriday

It's the ending of my first week back.  I'm bursting with ideas but I'm all over the place. Nonetheless, I persist.  I bring you a stop action film with a series of pictures to make up a film.  I'm not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed making it.  There is a creative element to deciding what you are going to do with the characters, where to place them, who should move, who should stay put.

I think if I was to do this again, I'll consider making a kind of story to go with it.  We'll see.  There is so much I want to do in the coming weeks, this was a guilty pleasure.  Below is my video with an intro of what it was like to film the stop action.  And below that are some of the pictures I used to create the stop action.

Oh, and here is a flipbook animation a did a bit ago:

Pictures for the stop action film: