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Scurry - Watercolor painting Dog chasing Scurrying Squirrel - Day 2 of I...

Day 2 of my Inktober adventure.  The prompt was Scurry.  My thought was a mouse scurrying because aren't the two aways associated with one another.  Because they always seem to be I decided to think of something different and when I looked up scurry I found it only meant to dash off q…

Ink and Watercolor: Gargoyle for Inktober Day 1

I have been participating in Inktober for a few years now and this year I decided I'm going to record my drawings because why not?  I find I like putting an aww feel to my scary images.  Any - enjoy!

Cream Cheese Alternative - Making a Yogurt Spread

This video is a product of the cream cheese shortage in Dec 2021.  I have been making this for decades and never thought to share the process.  Quite simple really but I was amazed at how little people know about it.

What the Hell is Going On? Foxes Play Football Now E2

From the description box of the youtube page: Satirical News gives you a laugh or a cry, and lets you know what the heck is going on in America. Today we discuss Taylor Swift's new album, Florida's new state bird, and foxes playing football. I will make fun of Florida and England…

Gift Guide: Free Power for Day 6

I thought this was a great idea for hikers and backpackers but now I think it's a great idea for everyone.  Solar Energy is Free Energy.

Gift Giving Guide - the best planner you'll ever buy

Day 2 of 12 days of Holiday Gift Giving.  This is my all-time favorite planner - it thinks like I do The holiday season means the new year is around the corner. And although you can start this planner anytime during the year, this time of year is when most people are thinking, “I’m gonna …

Gift Guide Goat's Milk Caramel - Day 1

I'm starting my 12 days of Holiday Gift Giving Guide leading up to Thanksgiving.  These are items I bought or got as a gift from someone I know.  None of it is promotional - just sort of my favorite things from this year.

Establishing Credit History

When I was in my early 20s I was told to get a credit card but you had to show the credit card companies that I could pay for the card.  My mother told me to get a store credit card (it was a thing back in the 90s to get a card that was just for a specific store).  I got a JCPenny's c…

Should you get a CSA? CSA explained

My first CSA was years ago and it was a terrible experience.  It was beet greens after beet greens after beet greens - no beets, just the greens.  We also got so many tomatoes I could've started my own sauce company.  Tomatoes are one of those vegetables we all grow anyway so I was up…

Oil Painting Technique landscape shading

It's my goal to someday have a gallery showing.  Every day I look to improve my oil painting.  Today, I work on darkening and lightening a green color for my landscape painting. I tried it once and like the results and then I tried it again and caught it on film.  Enjoy!

Removing trees and tree stumps from our Backyard

Our Ash trees were infected by the Emerald Ash Bore, an invasive species in the U.S.  We had taken out the larger trees professionally, but we decided to take down the smaller trees to save some money.   Our tree removal service did not take out the tree stumps,, leaving us with severa…