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An interview with small business owner Kim Hutchings

Just before the holidays, I spoke with Kim Hutchings, the co-owner and co-founder of Misguided Angels, a women's boutique in Northern Virginia.  Kim is the interview with a retail store owner.  I believe she truly saw a need in the area and she was right, her store has broken even in 6 months and she is looking to expand to a second store.

The interview was split into a series of interviews to make it more youtube friendly.  When I think back to this interview it reminds me that to build a business, you really need to think it through and make educated decisions. In Kim's case, she thought whether there is truly a need, where should she set up shop, how much should she spend on inventory, where should she spend her marketing efforts.  It's paid off she has done well.

The video here is the first one to be made public, you can find a playlist of the Misguided Angels videos here:

I will make the others public as the week goes on.


  1. What a fun idea to share content with people this way!


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