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Let's face it fire is cool

using the burnt sticks to draw
latch hook by the fire

Last fall, I blogged about how the family got together and raked and raked and raked.  We paid the kids and they were a little motivated by it.  After all the raking, we made a fire and sat around and ate smores.  Now it’s spring and it was a beautiful Sunny day on Saturday.  There was still a chill in the air.  As I love building fires, my youngest and I built one in our firepit table.  I used some of my old dead herbs as a way to use as kindling, they actually worked better as firestarters because they were a big burst of fire in a short time.  Kindling from the willow tree and then some logs from a tree we took down last fall.

Fantastic fire, my eldest came out with her book, hat and sunglasses to read.  My hubby brought out his kindle and my youngest brought out her latch hook rug.  I sat with my book as well although half the time I just sat enjoying the warmth of the fire.  Each one of us took turns fueling the fire.  Really, nothing seems better then working on a fire together as a family.  Let’s face it, fire is cool and there are not too many things that you can do with your teens/tweens that they would think is cool.

reading in the sun by the fire


  1. You just brought back a memory of my last summer holiday, when my two year old was totally intrigued by the fires on the camp site. He loved to bring twigs and watch.

    Thanks for putting this smile on my face with your story :)


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