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A day with no kids, How to find your spa day that's not at the spa

Before judging, keep in mind I have
NEVER painted before
My husband visited his parents and took the kids with him.  Woo Hoo! Free day.  I could spend it at the spa but I don't like the spa.  A massage never cut it for me.  I relax by getting out and doing things.  I scoured the internet for something to do.  I searched and the local newspapers and I did searches on what I want to do.  In the end, I settled on a Qigong class in the morning and a painting class for beginners in the afternoon.  Although I have older kids and would love to bring them along, it's nice to meet with adults without a kid tagging along (and the activities are getting costly).

How to find your spa day that's not at the spa:
  • Check local park websites for calendar events
  • Internet search on an activity you want to do and put in your zip code after it, i.e. Qigong 90210
  • Check with your friends
  • - this is not just for races, they list music and outdoor events or just fitness events, like yoga
  • Get outdoors and find a trail on:
  • Check your local museums' calendar

Do you have a suggestion of finding something to do on a free day?  I'd love to hear it.


  1. I have been looking for free things to do in Austin. So far I have found free music on Thursdays at Whole Foods, REI is giving a free presentation on Europe by train (something Kevin and I really want to do), Star flight is having an open house, and the LBJ library is having a free day on Monday. All it takes is a little research to find all kinds of free things to do!

    1. I love REI! I forgot our library has all sorts of cool events - plus many libraries have a community board of things happening in the area. Thanks for the tips, I think I'll add that.

  2. In a familiar place, use dice to give you directions. For example 1 = first turn left, 2 = first turn right, 3 = straight ahead, 4 = second turn right etc. (There are dice apps, even)

    You can also use it in a museum, mall. or anyhthing where youd like to suprise yourself instead of following your usual patterns.

    1. I love this idea - in general I'm not a museum fan. To me it's looking at a bunch of stuff - don't always care who owned, wore or sat on it. But if I had a dice to help me get lost in one - well that would be fun!

  3. Replies
    1. I'll consider that but it's expensive to frame it. I think I'll hang it in my office for now.


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