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Bonding Time? Movies with the kids

This weekend, we saw Iron Man 3.  The movie was so much fun - I would recommend it, it's like taking a roller coaster ride, except at times funnier.


Two days before heading out, we watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2.  We wanted to watch Avengers but we also wanted to see it opening weekend.  (Tip:  I personally could have waited but apparently if you didn't see it opening weekend, nobody cares in school).  For two days we talked about the movies and watched the interviews and showed each other trailers.  There was much talk and excitement in our house.  After the movie, we talked about our favorite parts and the funny one liners.  We hoped there would be an Iron Man 4 but wondered if they could with the way they ended it.  We wished they had more girl superheros, perhaps the Black Widow.  We wondered about the Iron Man comic books and thought perhaps we should see if we can find some.

Basis for Serious Talk

Although we did not talk about anything serious like drugs or dating or growing up, I consider it was a bonding moment, more like bonding weekend.  I believe it is times like these where we have fun and laugh and have a good time together that allows us to approach our kids in the future about the serious topics.  We become relate-able to our kids and we can relate to them when we can have fun with them.  So go out and have some fun with your kids, build that common ground, so that serious talk is a little easier and may sink a little deeper in your kids.


  1. I believe you are right. Spending time with your children doesn't have to always be serious. I also believe the more opened and honest you are them, they will be more open and honest with you.

    1. Agreed. Luckily, have have not had trouble being honest with them. I think my problem is determining when are they old enough to handle the truth.

  2. I loved having fun with my kids: movies, walks in the woods, climbing trees, board games, building with blocks, snowball fights -- whatever suited their ages and moods. I wonder how much of that I will someday get to do with grandchildren. The fun times definitely helped build a good foundation for the times when we needed to talk about serious matters.


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