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I'm not sure I'm going to survive the summer

My daughter decided she was not going to do anything this summer.  Well there are things she wants to do but has no motivation (or energy she would say) to do it.  I have become a kind of play toy where she says "I'm bored"  I suggest the usual, clean your room or any room, walk the dog, call a friend, find a hobby.  All of them get shot down.

Finally, I convince her to make cookies but she has to do it herself.  No help from me.  It lasted until it was time to roll the dough and then put it in cinnamon and sugar.  I helped.  I go back to my computer.  She puts the cookies in the oven then says, "I'm bored"  SERIOUSLY!  I suggest a video project to submit to the local library video contest.  She's interested then asks if she could show me what she wants to do.  I sigh to myself.  OK, give me 15 minutes.  She walks out and I close the door and lock it.  I relax.  5 minutes later, I hear the oven timer go off.  I think to myself - here we go. 

"Mom, the cookies are done."

"OK," I yelled back.

I can hear her take out the cookies.  I hear her at my door.

"HEEEYYY, you locked the door on me."


Jeeze Louise, I'm gonna kill her.

My tips for surviving the summer with your kids:
  • Schedule an hour or two for just you, in a room with a lock.  Have a sign that says, mom's not available.
  • If you can afford it, send them to camp for at least a week.
  • Have them volunteer, try the library, or the swim team
  • Take them to the library, tell them to wander - look for books to read or projects to create.  You can go home and pick them up later or work at the library.
  • Have them teach the dog new tricks
I would so love to hear any of your tips for surviving kids when you're working from home.  Please share.