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Editorial: Eating in the Movie Theaters

We recently got a Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in the neighborhood.  I have not been but the family talked about going.  We decided not to go because we didn't like listening to people eat while watching a movie.  It's difficult to lose yourself in the movie.

Instead, we decided on the local movie house to see Despicable Me 2.  I watched moviegoers come into the theater and they were not carrying popcorn and soda but huge plates of tacos and cheese salads, and loaded hot dogs and hamburgers. Our old movie house was becoming a restaurant movie house. 

As we watched the movie, I realized it was not just the sound that was distracting, it was the smell too.  Sigh.  My only consolation is that most participants were finished with their food within the first 15 minutes of the movie.  Nonetheless, I will have second thoughts whether we should go to the movie theater instead of my bag of chips and my couch.  Perhaps I can convince my hubby to buy a bigger TV with all the money we saved from not "going" to the movies.


  1. Hahahahhahaha...I am one of those people you want to avoid at the theatre. I don't do the hot foods, but there is always popcorn involved. If it's any consolation, the cost of going to see a movie is so prohibitive that I think more and more of us will be focussing on the home theatre experience.

  2. I don't usually go to the theatre. My husband and I wait until a movie gets to pay per view or dvd or Netflix. For me these new kind of movie theatres are terrific but not necessarily for the food. My husband and I both love the comfy like home chairs! And that there are servers for drinks. I can focus and let go of the smells and crunches. But even if they break through, I remind myself, "Hey, when we're at home watching a movie, we're eating too." Thanks for the au contraire view!

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