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The agony of making a twitter lists how-to video.

I spent the morning looking for a microphone.  Mine is getting old.  I found great reviews to Blue Microphone Snowball Mic.  I brought it home and alas, it was awful.  I found out it was an old verison of the now popular mic.  So now I gotta drive back and return it.  Sorely disappointed.  I'm leaving you with this video, which is recorded with the mic.  I did some adobe premier magic to make it sound like it does.

I'm not sure if I adjusted the speakers just right or if they are actually a good sound, so please, let me know what you think of the sound.


  1. The sound is loud and clear, but a bit unnatural I think.

  2. The sound is good on my computer. And so is the advice and how-to! I'll send people here when they ask about lists.

  3. Sounds great! And thanks for the video... I have to admit I've never known I could make lists on Twitter. Awesome!


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