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The Snowflake Cupcake - for January

My daughter really enjoys cupcake decorating and I got a calendar with cupcake pictures.  Although the pictures have neither instructions nor references, we decided to try to duplicate them using our imagination.  Last month was a cupcake with a snowflake.  (I called it a star in the video.)

I thought I’d give you a quick synopsis of the how we made it.  

We used chocolate frosting to help the star (I mean snowflake) stand out.

For the snowflake:
White chocolate
Sparkling sugar

white chocolate and sparking sugar
Yes it’s that’s simple.  Although I have seen recipes where butter and/or cream used in their recipe for decorations, I didn’t want it soft.  I mentioned it to my daughter, she melted straight white chocolate, and it worked beautifully.  Of course, by not using butter or cream, the white chocolate hardens quickly.
After melting the white chocolate in a double boiler, fill a pastry bag with the chocolate while it is still warm to the touch.  You don't want it burning or melting the pastry bag (if you are using the plastic ones)

Tip: Keep a bowl of warm water nearby.  When you are not using the white chocolate then you can keep it soft

white chocolate in warm bath
Use the round tip, we used Wilton #3.  Make three criss-crossing lines and add a little extra white chocolate at each point.

Add the sparking sugar right away because the white chocolate hardens quickly.  Continue with the next star.

Frost the cupcakes.  By the time you finish with the stars and frost the cupcakes, the first star will probably be ready.  I tap it gently to check.

Gently peel off the star and you can put it on your cupcake.  It's that simple.


  1. Wow. That does sounds easy. Bet they'd go over great at a party. And it keeps your daughter busy with all the time home from school.

    1. LOL - yeah if they make it to a party. My family loves cupcakes.

  2. Cute! I always try to do these types of things and they end up being disasters. Are they really that easy?

    1. The hardest part was the white chocolate cooling too fast, so you had to work quickly. Other than that yeah, it was easy. We made these first try.

  3. Love that snowflake. Will definitely try to make it.


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