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How to make Honeysuckle simple syrup

It's been awhile since I made a blog post.  I've been struggling with some blogging issues however I still love making videos so I thought I'd share my latest video and the background info on it.

I enjoy wild food foraging my latest is honeysuckles.  I remember picking them as a kid and sucking on the end of it.  It was like breathing in honey flavored air.  I knew you could eat them so I decided to make a simple syrup to use for lemonade and flavored iced tea and as a cake soak.

I spent about a half hour gathering 2 cups of honeysuckle flowers.  I think I could have spent less time but I went along a long path gathering the best flowers.

It is an unusual honey flavor.  If you have honeysuckles in your yard - I'd recommend it.



  1. My kids would love to do this - they had a blast this year picking honeysuckle in our yard. And I love using items that we already have! I think most of our honeysuckle is gone now, so we may have to save this for next year!


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