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How to Zentangle: Pattern basics the knights Bridge

Great way to get started on Zentangle

Zentangle Pattern: The Zentangle Heart for Valentine

I see many zentanglists online, I thought I'd add mine but with commentary to help you get started in your zentangle adventure.

Valentine Craft Activities: Glue heart pendant for Valentine's day

This is a fun activity, I first discovered in Hawaii.  These are not as sophisticated as the ones I saw at the art fair their but it was fun making them.  I suppose if I was more ambitious I would make it into something really cool.

Craft Activity: a paper rose for your Valentine

A great Valentine Activities for the kids: Watch video below to see how easy it is....

Make a Paper Clip Heart from an ordinary paperclip

Valentine in the office - how 'bout a heart paper clip to put a smile to your day.  Takes less then 10 seconds to make.

How to make an origami dinosaur - the diplodocus

This was easier than I expected and came out so cute. Check out how to make it in the video below: