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Zentangle pattern : Chads

I haven't done a blog post in a bit.  Spring has sprung in this house and I just want to be outside. I managed to pull this one off this evening.  If you ever use these patterns, post a link in the comments so I can see it.

Activities for Kids: Upscycle your t-shirt for a produce bag

I made this t-shirt bag to be like a produce bag.  My only disappointment was that the holes in the bag are way too big.  I think next time, I won't put holes or only half inch holes.  Easy way to make a produce bag for the farmer's market.

Indoor Games for kids: Make this old fashion game for kids

Playing games that does not require an electrical outlet - Check it out!  I wish I knew the name but alas ....

Origami Ninja Star or Chinese Throwing Star

Video how to below: I made this once before but it was so complicated. When I found this really simple origami, I couldn't resist but make a video.

Learn to draw a Celtic Knot for St. Patrick's Day

I've been wracking my brain of something different to do for St. Patrick's day.  I was zentangling and it dawned on me that the celtic knot reminds me of zentangle.  Hence the Celtic Knot.

Electrical Home Improvement : Running wires through the walls

My husband was kind enough to let me film him unfortunately, the filming didn't go as well as I planned.  I've explained to him since, that I would love to film him working because his videos attract alot of attention but I need it planned out rather than I'm gonna get wh…

Duolingo review : Forget Rosetta Stone, see this review of duolingo first

Review of the free language learning online program duolingo.  I give my take on the program I've been using for about a year now.   (spoiler, I love it and recommend it) I've used Mango, Muzzy and Rosette Stone - and still love this so much more, in some cases even more.����…

Art activities for kids : the origami sailboat

Probably the simplest origami you'll ever make.

St Patrick's Day craft: origami pipe

Origami Pipe Have you tried the Origami Pipe.  I wanted something unique for St. Patrick's Day.  I like this one.