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Sculpture Artist Lisa Strout will be on the WLAST tour

When my kids were little, I used to take them to art shows.  I felt it was showing them a living art museum.  When I moved here and learned of the Western Loudoun Artist Studio tour I thought, what a fantastic idea, a tour where you can see artists in their own setting and watch them work.  Fantastic.

Lisa Strout's cement work - mosaic pillows will be on WLAST later this month.

I met Lisa Strout at her studio LoCo Arts Studio in Leesburg.  It's quaint, right next to Dodona Manor. I'm looking forward to meeting the other artists that reside when the Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour (WLAST) rolls around later this month (June).

Lisa shared with me her work in clay and cement.  This is part 1 - kind of a intro video of Lisa and her connection to WLAST.