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End of the Month Reflection

Reflection is an important time to see where you've been so you know where you are going. By reflecting we are reinforcing what we learned, so we don't repeat and we can remember how we accomplished something because we've been there before.

What were your celebrations?

Celebrations are important so you remember that you are making progress. When we are continually forging new paths, and feel like we are spinning our wheels, reflection reminds us - wait, I remember when we were struggling with writer's block and I overcame it by doing this or that. 

What were your challenges?

Reflecting on challenges helps you to overcome or avoid them in the future. When you look at your challenges, ask yourself where they went wrong? Why did it arise? What did I try? Did any of it work (whether a little bit or solved it)?  

Challenges help us to evolve. They can go hand in hand with your celebrations. Now, ask yourself, - how has this challenge helped you?

How will you improve next month?

Now that you've done some reflection, use it to make decisions of how you will work through March.