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Removing trees and tree stumps from our Backyard

Our Ash trees were infected by the Emerald Ash Bore, an invasive species in the U.S.  We had taken out the larger trees professionally, but we decided to take down the smaller trees to save some money.  

Our tree removal service did not take out the tree stumps,, leaving us with several tree stumps across our yard.  (Many tree removal services will not take out stumps and those who do are quite expensive.)  As such we tried different methods to remove the stumps.  The best one, in the end, was removing the stumps with an ax.  We did this with different sizes.

You may be interested in watching taking about a bush and its roots.  It's a similar process but no ax is needed.

We also tried burning out the tree stumps in the hopes of it being less work on our end but it turns out it was not a very good process and I would not recommend it but you can see what we did and learn from it.