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Should you get a CSA? CSA explained

My first CSA was years ago and it was a terrible experience.  It was beet greens after beet greens after beet greens - no beets, just the greens.  We also got so many tomatoes I could've started my own sauce company.  Tomatoes are one of those vegetables we all grow anyway so I was up to my eyeballs in tomatoes.

The experience was everyone's fear of what a CSA will be.  But my second CSA that my daughter convinced me to join is everything that one would want a CSA to be.  The variety and amount are just astounding.  I'm in love.

I give you some suggestions on researching a CSA and I will add - which I should have put in the video - tell them you know someone who had a bad experience (that someone being me).  Tell them she ended up with just greens and tomatoes.  Tell them she felt like she got floor scrapings and leftovers.  And then see how they respond.

I hope you find a CSA in your area, one like I finally did.  I would love to hear your experience.

If you are in Northern Virginia - I highly recommend Lost Corner Farm: Lost Corner Farm