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Showing posts from October, 2022

Animating in 3D - Just playing around in After Effects

I'm learning more and more about Motion Graphics and so I played around with some 3D text animation.

Happy Halloween Animation

I've always did a bit of animation here and there but started to create stories with my animation and hence a bit more sophistication.  I recognize I'm not at the level of Disney but I'm proud of this.  All the imagery, story, sound effects is from me.  The only thing isn'…

Drawing, Inking and watercolor of an Eagle

I was gone for a week - it was a marvelous break.  I thought of catching up with #inktober but thought best to jump in where I am. The Eagle is Landing  😏

Scurry - Watercolor painting Dog chasing Scurrying Squirrel - Day 2 of I...

Day 2 of my Inktober adventure.  The prompt was Scurry.  My thought was a mouse scurrying because aren't the two aways associated with one another.  Because they always seem to be I decided to think of something different and when I looked up scurry I found it only meant to dash off q…

Ink and Watercolor: Gargoyle for Inktober Day 1

I have been participating in Inktober for a few years now and this year I decided I'm going to record my drawings because why not?  I find I like putting an aww feel to my scary images.  Any - enjoy!