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Hand Embroidery 101

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I have been hand embroidering for years and thought it was a great place to start in a structured series of lessons. 

Where to Start

To jump right into it, click on the sections at the bottom of the page to start your lesson plan

This lesson plan was set up to be structured and step by step in order .... or .... to jump around as needed. It's more organized than a series of videos one after the other and also gives you other resources than just videos.

If you are brand new to embroidery I suggest clicking on Getting Started. Otherwise, jump to the first project. If you are not sure where you are take the quiz in each section. If you complete it with no issues then continue to the next session. If you missed a question or two, you can check out where to find the answers and review them.

This is all about you having the flexibility to study what you want when you want but also having a structured lesson that builds on each other so that you may grow to be a hand embroidering aficionado.

Getting Started

First ProjectHandkerchief